Sunday, June 5, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 57

Inning 1) Chacin struggles through a 22 pitch inning.

Inning 2) Chacin labors through a 23 pitch inning but game still scoreless

Inning 3) Rox get their first hit, Chacin keeps up

Inning 4) Why was CarGo running with Tulo at the plate? Maybe trying to make something happen? Gets thrown out and ends the inning.

Inning 5) Well maybe CarGo sees the future because Tulo singles, gets to second, then scores on an error. Whoopee Rox lead 1-0.

Inning 6) Small ball works...EY gets on, bunted to second, and then Tulo scores him...Yeah and Chacin armor dented by a one run homer. Guess it is OK because it was Cody Ross bobblehead day!

Inning 7) One, two, three by Lindstrom.

Inning 8) Rox get Smith to third but can't get him home, will this come back to haunt the Rox? Nope Betancourt gets the job done

Inning 9) Uh oh Street comes in...big breath...but 10 pitches later game over...Rox win 2-1. How rare is a 2-1 win? Rox are 47-250 when they score 2 runs from 1993-2010. How rare are 2-1 games? There were 91 games with a 2-1 score.

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