Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 23

-  Thanks for playing Mr. Chacin.  Enjoy the Springs, maybe learn how to pitch again.  Really after O'Dowd comments early in the Spring saying he couldn't get a hold of Chacin during the Winter and that he came in over weight you have to wonder if this kid wants to be a big leaguer.  Rox don't have time to let him figure it out.  He now sits at 0-3.  24.2 innings pitched with 20 runs scored?  At 24 what a waste...

-  Dexter is officially on Springs alert.  With EY playing a passable Center and being a prototypical lead off guy and with Colvin being serviceable I really think Dex days in the Bigs are numbered.  Again Rox don't have the luxury of letting these guys find themselves.

-  Went to tonights game and man was the crowd dead to the world.  Even Tracy seemingly had thrown in the towel.  I mean bottom of the 5th, with runners on 1st and 2nd he sends Roenicke up to the plate.  I understand it there was 2 outs but come on, your down by 7 maybe we get some Coors Field magic brewing...I thought it was a poor choice especially in retrospect with losing by one run.  Tonights lose I give a 1/2 loss to Tracy.

- Telling stat, Dodgers have outscored their opponents 26-6 in first inning this year and sit at 17-7 (with 8 homers!)

- So was CarGo swinging for the fences or what in the 9th.  Come on big guy, two outs, runner on 3rd, freaking make contact, get the run in, tie the game and play for extras...girrrrrr

- Rox make it interesting and what do you get for making it close?  Yes a date against Kershaw tomorrow...with an afternoon start I am sure it will be Scrub Rox playing...come on Tracy let's win a series agains the Dodgers...please?

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