Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 28

-  Go figure Pomeranz gets his first homer of the season at Petco.  Hits it 395 feet which is the 3rd longest by a pitcher at Petco

- With the win Padres become the last team in the Majors to reach 10 wins...are we pathetic or what?

- Five hits from three players and one hit was a home run from your pitcher.  So tell me besides Scutaro and CarGo who deserves a paycheck from last night's game?  In an interesting world a player would only get paid for his contribution on the field...that would make things interesting don't you think?

- Think maybe Rox were trying to hard last night?  In the second two runners were thrown out at second attempting to steal.  In the sixth runner on second with one out and two strikeouts by Helton and Cuddyer (that hurts).  Not one runner on base after the sixth inning.

- Someone needs to tell Tulo its May and that he can start hitting again.  Two more Ks for De(k)ter.  Helton is only batting 0.233, that's not good

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