Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 24

- Just when you think Dex has worn out his stay he goes and gets that key hit.  This time he gets a hit which ties the game in the 8th.  After my rant last night maybe he can find that spark...

- A series win!  Over the Dodgers!  Not quite a rare event as Rox 2-0-1 last year in series against the Dodgers at home.  Of course they are 0-0-3 at Dodger Stadium.  We get our chance at winning a series in LA the weekend after next.  All time in 3 game series against LA, Rox are 24-46 (13-22 at home).

-  I predicted this series to be ugly but Nicasio and Pomeranz really stepped up and gave Rox a chance.  Amazing what a couple of decent starts can do to get the team in the win column.

- Tracy worked his lineup magic today being able to work it so that Giambi came up in the 9th with CarGo sitting in the on deck circle.  Yeah a little luck in where the batting order sat but nice to see your big bat getting pitched to because an even bigger bat is sitting and waiting.

Although interesting counter point here...did Tracy commit a sin by walking Kemp in the 9th being up by two and two outs and putting on the tying run?

-  Giambi got his 5th walk off as a Rox.  9th inning wins are always good stepping stones.  Let's hope this gets the team thinking about winning another series with Atlanta coming in this weekend.  Important to get some wins at home as the California gauntlet of doom series begins next week.

@ESPNStatsInfo: Jason Giambi is 4th oldest player in expansion era to hit a walk-off HR. From #Elias, only older: Hank Aaron, Tony Perez, Willie McCovey

According to Tracy Ringolsby this is the 40th walkoff in team history...and second this year!

- Did Mattingly forget that Jamey Wright used to pitch here and probably has demons.  I can't believe he is still pitching.  Started pitching for the Rox in 1996.  Starting his 17th year.  Guy has a 4.92 lifetime ERA...yikes.  An 86-121 career record.  Amazing he can still find work!

- As you would expect the day we got good starting pitching the bullpen can't find the zone and give up the lead.  Fortunately the offense, which is getting pretty good at making comebacks, found a way to battle back today.

- Two homer day for CarGo, off of one of the better starters in the game!

- And for hilarity of it all...thanks Tim 

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