Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 22

- Surprise, surprise...Rox find some pitching and hold the Dodgers to only 2 runs.  Great pitching all around with Nicasio going 6 and Esmil coming in and getting a huge strikeout against Kemp (think he walked the bases loaded on purpose, just to amp it up a notch?)

- Rox finish April on a good note, finish the month at 11-11.  They have had a 0.500 or better April in 1995 (4-1), 1997 (17-7), 2001 (13-11), 2003 (15-12), 2006 (15-10), and 2011 (17-8).  Only 1995 was a playoff year for the Rox so April records are pretty meaningless.  Fortunately they haven't buried themselves.

- Rox finally win wearing purple!  0-3 up until last night.

- How long is Tracy going to put up with Fowler.  Batting a dismal 0.239, stuck batting 8.  This isn't what the Rox wanted.  Don't think his Agent wanted this either...maybe it is just April.  What happened to the great toe tap?

- On the twittersphere last night there were some haters wanting to know why Herrera got the start, claiming the only reason was his parents were in town...come on people give Herrera some love.  Who doesn't play the kid when the parents are in town, it's not like they just called him up from AAA so that he could start.  He is big leaguer, its not like Nelson is that much better.  Let the kid play in front of mom and dad!

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