Monday, May 28, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 47 and 48

- A rare planned double header.  Astros first since 2006.

- Pacheco has made himself the Rox starting third baseman.  With a 11 game hitting streak with his return to the majors and game winning RBI in Game 1 I imagine Tracy will be penciling him into the lineup fairly regularly.  He is still a little raw in the field but hitting can make up for errors (?)

- Ancient history but these same two teams played one other doubleheader, a sweep by Colorado on Set. 14, 1993, at Mile High Stadium in Denver.

- Coors Field special with this score line (Astros score, Rox respond, Astros score some more, Rox keep at it):

- For whatever reason I still go back to triples and Coors.  I have seen more triples hit in the gap between left and center this year then I can remember.  Today there were two more in the first inning, hit almost in the same spot. I wonder if baseball would allow a 4th outfielder for Coors with a discontinuation of the humidor?  Coors is only 6th in park factors when it comes to triples with Petco, Oakland, Target, Marlins, and Miller field yielding more triples per game

- After 400 minutes of baseball yesterday at Coors, Rox came away with two wins.  First time that I have sat through 18 innings of baseball.  Wasn't for the faint of heart.  Really this year as felt like a time machine back to the Blake Street Bombers.

- Not for sure if this is meaningful but the average number of pitches thrown from our relievers this year is about  60 pitches.

Total Pitches
2011 60
2010 51
2009 49
2008 48
2007 54

- According to Baseball Reference's Batting Game Score, Dex had the second best score of the day with his 4 AB, 3 runs, 4 hits (HR, 3B), 3 RBI day.  Of course 3 of the Top 10 were a COL/HOU game and 2 of the Bottom 10 were also a COL/HOU game, go figure.

- Props to Dex.  He has my wrath a disproportional amount of my time but he is so crucial to this team's ability to score runs. Fowler, who went 7 for 9 and reached base nine times,  in his return to the top of the batting order, allowed Rox to score 16 times in two games.

- And finally a confusing play in the fourth when Colvin seemingly hit into a double play only to be called safe.  Colvin was then given first base due to catcher's interference.  Second time this year that has happened.  Very unusual...

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