Friday, May 4, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 25

- Rox honor Chipper Jones? What is the etiquette for that and why? Guy has played 122 games against us, 558 plate appearances, 104 runs scored, 150 hits, 31 home runs (These are the most home runs against any team outside of the NL East), 0.322 batting average, 0.427 OBP, and 0.607 slugging percentage. Instead of red carpet treatment at the ballpark they should have it at the airport when he leaves town!

 - For last night's game I decided to stand above the bullpens all game. Rox have instead stands in around these areas. It was actually kind of nice. The view is a bit far and you can't see the scoreboard but you can watch the relievers warm up. Amazing how loud the smack of the glove is. Also from this advantage point you can see all the opponents hits up the middle. It's amazing really how many balls come back up the middle when Rox are pitching...

 - I finally rediscovered this webpage which tracks balls in play.  Here were all the 2011 singles.  Hard to say if any one side gets a higher distribution and unfortunately 2012 data is not up yet.  Below this is tonight's game.  Nice cluster of 5 hits right at centerfield...

- Rox are now 59-99 all time against the Braves

- Not that Moscoso was pitching lights out but he came unglued in the 5th when a foul ball was initially called fair then overturned.  The batter went on to get a single, Braves went on to score 4 runs and retake the league.

- Helton now 21st and all alone with 561 doubles.

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