Monday, May 14, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 34

- Could it get much worse?  Yeah Tulo could have broken his leg on the Dexter's foul line drive into the dugout.  Really not feeling a lot of love for Dex right now

- WPA hitters vs pitchers?  A lot of talk has been that when our pitchers are on then our offense is off or when our offense is on our pitchers are off.  Thus in games there is a pitching WPA and and offense WPA.  Graph below is the difference between the two.  When the value is near zero the pitching and offense contributes equally.  Not for sure what this is suppose to say but it would suggest we have had a lot of offense and very little dominant pitching performances.

- Once again Rox on the road had opportunities.  Last night runners on 2nd and 3rd with 2 outs in the Eightth and Cuddyer strikes out.  Then in the 9th we had the bases loaded and Nelson grounded out.

-  Your young pitcher goes out and gives you 7 strong innings with 10 strikeouts and all you can manage is 1 stinking round when the other pitcher gives up 5 free passes?  Yikes

- As the broadcast made it painfully clear Giants shortstop earned his fielding pay last night fielding 8 plays last night

- Rox who have put it into McCovey's cove?  None although Walker did it as a Cardinal.  Only 18 non Giants have done it 24 times.

- From HighHeatStats:

  - Friedrich first Rox pitcher to begin career with 2 starts of 6+ IP and 1 ER or less

  - Tulo has gone 11 games without an RBI hitting a pathetic 0.220

  - Cuddyer who had a hot start has come back to Earth only having a 101 OPS+ which is 10 points the
    average corner outfielder.  Helton is at 101 as well with five regulars all at 87 or less (100 is league 

  - Not that we wanted a lot out of Scutaro but for a guy that was suppose to be an upgrade at 2B 
    offensively he has all of 2 RBI with no HRs

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