Monday, May 21, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 41

- First off I don't like the new name of the Marlins.  Really Miami...ugh it would be like calling the Rockies the Denver Rockies

- Not one Rox starting pitcher this year has won back-to-back starts.  Moyer had that chance tonight but no luck.  According to Elias we are the only team not to do that in the Bigs, as if we needed another reason to slam our pitching staff...

- Moyer has pitched in more ballparks than any other player since 1921, and Marlins Park became the 50th stadium he has appeared in.

- On the bright side Pacheco has a nice seven game hitting streak

- After a four run first inning I really thought Rox might have turned the corner, unfortunately not.  Rox lose to another lefty.

- Have to have the obligatory Guillen quote, this one about Moyer, "I know he went from very bad to very good to very old."  Guillen is one of 11 current managers to have faced Moyer.

- Since Rox are at the quarter pole what do the predictions look like versus the on pace?  Predictions are the average of several prediction including ZiPS, Cairo, Rotochamp, Marcel, and Steamer.  The Good: Most of the lineup, heck scoring runs ain't the problem here folks.  The Bad:  Again it's pitching stupid!

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