Thursday, May 10, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 30

- Rox Win, Rox Win!

- Rox first round pick in 2008 finally gets his first big league win.  2008 wasn't a great draft year (see here for picks).  Not like 2007 when we could have gotten Bumgarner or 2006 when we could have gotten Evan Longoria, Clayton Kershaw, or Tim Lincecum.  Think for a moment we could have had Longoria and Tulo on the left side of the infield...thanks O'Dowd, your fantastic, not

- Two doubles off the top of the wall, with both being reviewed by the umpire crew, how wacky is that and at Petco or as I like to affectionally like to call the Litter Box

- Kind of frustrating that we were only 1-2 against the Padres.  Through 2011 we are 158-145 against the Padres...the only winning record we have against a team in the NL West.  523-625 against our NL West foes.  Next up is LA in which we have a 129-174 record against all time through 2011.

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