Saturday, June 2, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 51

- Nice little 5 game winning streak, of course the Rox still stand at 22-29 but let's stay positive and look amazingly at the fact they have score 53 runs in that span.  That is a healthy offense which kind of makes your starting pitching look surprisingly good although only 2 starters got wins in those 5 games

- One of the stranger at bats I have seen was in the bottom of 6th when Rox relief pitcher, Ottavino, was at the plate.  He started his at bat against Capuano, a leftie, and then for some unknown reason, in the middle of the at bat Dodger Manager, Mattingly, brought in the rightie, Jamie Wright.  Ottavino had a count of 2-2 and was batting right handed and then with Wright in, he switched sides and batted leftie and promptly struck out.  How often does a switch hitter get the opportunity to bat from both sides of the plate in the same at bat let alone a relief pitcher!

- When this homestand began CarGo was batting .302.  He is now batting .335.  Pretty impressive 5 game run for the Pony.  Quick facts:

2012 League Ranks:
 • 5th in NL in BA (.335)
 • 2nd in NL in HR (14)
 • 1st in NL in RBI (45)
 • 1st in NL in R (44)
 • 1st in NL in SLG (.649)
 • 3rd in NL in OPS (1.052)

Would be neat to see a run for the triple crown.  Of course Coors would play a prominent role in that.  He is batting .400 at home, .266 on the road.  Slugging .790 at home and .500 on the road.

- According to High Heat Stats, LA grounded into 2 DPs, the Rockies 1. Team W% by GIDP, since 2011: 0 – .513 (1541-1462); 1 – .504 (1188-1168); 2 – .460 (381-447); 3 – .474 (83-92); 4 or more – .308 (12-27).

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