Friday, June 22, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 69

- Respect?  Yup you know you don't get much when the Rangers trot out their reclamation project in Roy Oswalt.  I am sure it will be said that it will because he is facing a NL team which he has some familiarity. He is now 9-2 in 13 starts versus the Rockies, marking his best ERA against any of the 16 teams he's faced more than three times.

- Rox at 26-42, Rangers at 43-27.  Rangers gunning for their 3 straight world series appearance.  Rox gunning for a 100 losses.  What can we take away from all of this?
1) Rangers made some key trades years ago, specifically trading Texeira, and getting a bounty in return.  While Tex had no desire to stay in Texas and would have walked, sometimes you have to make a giant trade and get something in return.  Sure we traded U-Ball last year but will White and Pomenranz make Rox a playoff contender in 2-3 years?  Why not trade CarGo?
2)  Pitching, pitching, and pitching.  With Texas heat and offense, another franchise that as always struggled to find pitching to tame the stadium and ghosts.  With some decent home grown arms, under the tutelage of generations most dominant pitcher, Texas is winning not only with a potent offense (i.e. Rox) but with pitching too (Rox not so much)
3) Money helps too.  Amazing how new TV contracts makes teams suddenly big spenders.  The Angels and Rangers both helped themselves because of new deals.  Rox have the potential in a few years, how is that going to play out?

-In his past 12 games, Rockies OF Dexter Fowler is 5-for-37 (.135 BA) with 17 strikeouts. Entering Thursday, Fowler is 12-for-71 (.169) with 27 strikeouts on the road this season.  Of course he then goes out and gets his 7th triple of the season.

Game 4 of the Great Tracy Experiment:  Record 1-3.  Friedrich pitched 6 complete innings (!) throwing 73 pitches.  Perhaps the experiment is working with pitchers being forced to try and be efficient...  

- 1-12 in Interleague, 'nuff said

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