Friday, June 15, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 63

- Rox finally break on through and win after an 8 game losing streak.  Also notch their first interleague victory of the year.  Of course had to do it in dramatic fashion winning in extra innings...

- Rox are 2-2 in extra innings this year.  Eight runs scored by the Rox in an extra inning is the most ever.

- It has certainly been a miserable year so far for our Rox but think about Detroit and the expectations they had.  All they had to do was show up and they were penned in to win the AL Central.  At 30-34 and third in the division they have a whole lot of weight to move around to get back into it.

- Hard to believe the Tiger's skipper once managed the Rox.  What a debacle that was, funny thing is that 1999 season has a lot in common with this year's club.  That team went 72-90 and scored 906 runs but of course allowed 1028, the most in Rox history!

- Francis who pitched his 151th game for the Rox looked a little better this time out versus his opener.  Hard to believe at this stage we are going to keep him around.

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