Friday, June 29, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 75

- Rox scraped to a 2-2 series split.  Today's game should have been easier when they got out to a 7-0 lead but as with anything Rox this year, nothing comes easy.

- Nationals scored 35 runs in the series and split the series.  Make any conclusion you desire from that bit of info...

- Rox Roenicke gave up a homer to his brother-in-law Ian Desmond, sure holidays will be fun for Josh.  Hope is wife made it up to him ;)

- Colvin will be an every day player from here on out.  He has earned it.  Only a double away from a Cycle. Someone needs to talk with the veteran Helton and tell him the facts.  He is not the future and we need to start finding it.

- Ottavino was light's out.  Struck out 5 batters in two innings of work in extra innings and got the win.  Huge, huge appearance.

- Four hour game on a getaway day...yikes!

- Betancourt blew his fourth save chance this year.  Interesting to see if he stays or goes...

- Really Roenicke gets on base for getting hit by a pitch?  What exactly was the Nats pitcher throwing up there?

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