Friday, June 22, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 68

- Rox finally find a way to win in Philly.  It will be interesting next year with the schedule.  Due to Colorado not having a natural rivalry (KC anyone?), Rox are forced to play an extra NL opponent.  This year by luck (or not) we get Philly 9 times rather than the normal home and away 6-7 games.  Sometimes seasons just don't set up well.

Game 3 of the Great Tracy Experiment:  Record 1-2.  Francis, besides the first inning homerun, pitched 5 complete innings (!) throwing 76 pitches (shocking Tracy kept him in past 75...).  Four relievers than pitched 2 hit ball the rest of the way and Rox earn first win under the Experiment.  The blogosphere has been abuzz with this Experiment.  Shockingly most aren't opposed to the ideal although most think the Rox current crop of pitchers aren't the best to try this out with.  Baseball as always been slow to change but with the continued specialization of the modern day bullpen one has to wonder why starter's are asked to pitch long into games. Current thought of saving your bullpen arms is one big reason but my guess with the continuing babying of arms in the minors the day of the dominant long inning starter is over.  

- Nelson, much like Fowler, is one of those mystifying wonder players for the Rox.  High draft pick with high potential who for whatever reason can't stick.  Nelson's problem has always been lack of a position to play.  With his recent surge, 5 homers this month vs none in April/May, and much like Colvin he will be worked into the game.

- Rosario continues to pound the ball.  11th home run this season leading all MLB rookies.  We will see what happens as catching wears on his body and pitchers find his weakness...will he be another long line of high end catchers that fizzle with the Rox?

- For a non-exciting line up last night, there has been some quiet performances this year...Pacheco is batting .294.  Can his defense keep him in the lineup or will he forever be the super-utility player?

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