Saturday, June 30, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 76

- Back to back wins!  First time since June 3/4.

- First win by a Starter since June 4.

- As bad as the Rox are...Padres are probably worse...funny how Rox have Coors, hitter friendly park who can't find pitchers and Padres have Petco, pitcher friendly park who can't find hitters!

- Can't go wrong with Black uniforms.  Rox are 8-8 with black, best record by far this year.

- Game 11 of the Great Tracy Experiment: Record 5-6.  Francis threw 82 pitches in six innings but got the win.

- On a side note, former Rox Aaron Cook threw a 2-hit shutout for Boston tonight with only 81 pitches!

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