Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 72

- I break the Rox season into nine 18 games stretches.  With 72 games played, Rox just finished their 4th inning of the season.  This 18 game sequence was just plain awful.  Rox were 4-14.  Worse stretch of baseball since the last 18 games of 2010 (when I started tracking this).  The most shocking aspect of this stretch was that the Starters went 0-12.  Simply unfathomable in today's game.  With an average of 14 outs per outting and a game score of 33 this has to be the bottom right?

- At least Rox ended this stretch on a high note.  Probably not a whole lot of people gave our Rox a chance going against best pitcher on the best pitching team in baseball.  Maybe Coors Field effect played some mind games with Strasburg.  It was his first appearance in the thin air although having come from San Diego State I bet he must have pitched at the Air Force Academy during MWC play?

- Don't believe the hype?  Bryce Harper goes 0-4 with 3 strikeouts in his Coors Field debut...where was Moyer, Rox could have written history again...

- Game time temperature was 100 degrees.  First triple digit reading in 1,406th regular-season contests.  More excuses for Dismal Dan...

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