Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 81

- Game 16 of the Great Tracy Experiment (or maybe yet the Great Train Wreck?): Record 6-10.  Guthrie got a start breaking up the 4 man rotation.  Getting the start probably due to possible trade considerations for teams looking for a durable starter as well as some lingering aches and pains from the other 4 starters.  Guthrie went 6 innings, threw 84 pitches and got the lost.  On the bright side didn't give up a home run and kept the team in striking distance...

- In regards to homers Rox continue to pad other team's offense totals including home runs.  Rox lead (or suck the most) and have given up the most homers (108) in the MLB next to Toronto (107) and Minnesota (106).  Looking at the ESPN stat page an even more stat jumps out and that is total bases.  Rox have given up 1410 bases with the next team, Minnesota, sitting at 1278!

- Maybe we should keep Guthrie around for his pinch hitting and base running?  He singled in the fifth and managed the Rox only RBI for the night.  It was his first career RBI. Rox actually out hit the Cardinals 10-9 but couldn't manage more than one runner across the plate.

- CarGo has a 12 game hit streak. Longest by a Rox this year.

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