Sunday, July 22, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 93

- Game 28 of the Great Tracy Experiment: Record 11-17.  Francis gets through 5 innings.  Threw 80 pitches and at least gives the team a chance.  For all the talk of the 4 man rotation, Francis has probably been the most consistent.  He has had 2-1 record in seven games.   He has gone 5 innings at least in every start.  Of the 4 no decisions the team has gone on to win four times.  So since the start of this experiment Francis has been a part of over half the team's wins.  Starter's record is now 4-13 with 11 no decisions and a bullpen record of 7-4.

- Hopefully in a couple of years when we look back at this season and have found some success, the cornerstone of success will be Pacheco.  He has had a quietly good season.  He is batting .306 and based on his teammates he is batting beyond his years.  Now whether this continues is anyone's guess but for the Rox I hope they find some diamonds this year.

- Bullpen pitched seven innings and allowed only one run.  Unbelievable the pen has any left after 93 games but they continue to be a bright spot.

- At least Rox didn't get beat by Kip Wells for the second time this year...

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