Thursday, July 26, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 97

- Game 32 of the Great Tracy Experiment: Record 12-20.  Scrap Heap Francis prevents the sweep and pitches a great 6 innings.  He actually started the 7th but then promptly gave up a home run and was shown the showers.    He threw 97 pitches (!) and gave up two runs.  I imagine he got a little more of a leash due to an off day and an extra day's rest.  Starter's record is now 5-15 with 12 no decisions and  bullpen record of 7-5.  What is the secret of Francis?  Stats below show the average for Francis and the combine average for the other starters since the experiment begain.  His stats are fairly comparable to the other average starters with the sole exception being strikes called looking.  For whatever reason what Francis throws deceives or keeps the batter off balance perhaps looking for one pitch but getting something else.

Pitcher IPGS BF K Pitches Strikes Contact Swing K Look K GB FB LD
Francis 42 52 21 3 78 50 27 7 16 9 8 2
Other 102 41 20 3 77 46 28 7 12 7 8 3

- Since Francis was signed on June 9, the Rockies are 8-2 when he starts and 5-25 with everyone else.

- Another nice night for Fowler who collected his 49 career triples for the Rockies, tying Neifi Perez for the franchise record. 

- Rox are 5-6 against the D-Backs, 4-5 against Dodgers, 5-7 against the Padres, and 2-3 against the Giants.  With a 16-21 against NL West opponents I would normally be excited but 2-13 against the AL and 19-26 against the rest of the NL makes it just one of those years...

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