Saturday, July 14, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 87

- Game 22 of the Great Tracy Experiment: Record 9-13. Guthrie goes 4.2 IP. Throws 76 pitches. Gave up 4 runs and got his 9th lost of the year.  Guthrie's last win was May 31!  Maybe what Rox need is two GMs.  O'Dowd can only trade for position players and GM #2 worries about pitchers.  Show me one good starting pitching acquisition that O'Dowd has accomplished?

- Amazing to think how other team pitchers waltz in throw an easy 7-8 innings and go away with win.  Phillies aren't exactly the best in the NL East and yet they seem to get the job done.  Unbelievable how bare our cupboards are with almost no MLB pitching prospect.

- Rox make it close in the 8th but can't seem to keep it close.  Made Papelbon 9th a bit easier.  Still remember that Boston game a few years back when I think Giambi just rocked his world.  This year, not so much...

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