Saturday, July 28, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 99

- Game 34 of the Great Tracy Experiment: Record 12-22.  Friedrich trial by fire continues.  After getting off to an OK start he now finds himself 5-8.  His ERA stands at 6.17 and either the 4 man rotation doesn't suit him or the book is out on him and he needs to make adjustments.  He gave up 7 runs with 55 pitches.  Hopefully all of this is a great learning experience cause otherwise this could be considered a cruel and unusual punishment.  Starter's record is now 5-17 with 12 no decisions and  bullpen record of 7-5.

- Colorado outhits the opposition and still loses.  Just another night of frustrating baseball.

- Hard to believe but this was the first game this season where the Rox surrendered 5 homers.

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