Thursday, July 19, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 91

- Game 26 of the Great Tracy Experiment: Record 10-16.  Why am I still here Guthrie goes 2.2 innings. Throws 68 pitches and gives up 6 runs (4 earned).  Offense meanwhile gave him a 5 run cushion to work with.  Even with that he couldn't pitch and at this rate Rox will just release Guthrie.  Any trade value is nonexistent at this point.  Much like the Royals dumping Sanchez, Rox will just have to eat crow and dump his salary.  Starter's record is now 4-12 with 10 no decisions and a bullpen record of 6-4.

- Radio broadcast mentioned how in Rox 56 losses this year they have scored at least 5 runs in 18 or so of them.  Basically they were saying the offense has at least given the Rox a chance but the utter dismal failure of our starting pitching can't even make that hold up.  I looked at baseball reference this evening and in game outcomes for teams that win the average runs scored is (8080 runs/1355 games) 5.96 runs.  In losses it is (3653 runs/1355 games) 2.69.  So Rox have lost 8 games when scoring 6 or more runs.  They have lost another 9 games when scoring at least 5 runs.  They are 26-17 when the offense scores at least 5 runs.  If our pitchers had a heartbeat we'd probably at least be around .500 and respectable...

- This marks the 17th series this season where we have won only one game.  In 10 of these series Rox won the first game.

- Barmes is batting like .205 and yet against Rox he is superman.  Nothing like a player scorned from his old team

- Fowler hit his second game opening homer this year, third of his career.

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