Monday, September 5, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 141

1)  Tulo has his first 100 RBI season...congrats

2)  Roger has given up 21 runs in the 1st inning and 6 home runs in 11 starts

3)  Don't run on CarGo...awesome putout in 3rd and his 11th assist this year

4)  Sitting at the ballpark and watching the crowd of 40,000 plus and I wonder if we haven't become Wrigley Field Lite?  Sure management paid good money on some nice players and yet here we are in September mired in 4th place and where is the rage?  Why aren't we more disappointed at this point.  D-Backs swept us last week and come in and beat us today and there you have it...

5)  How often do pitchers throw over to first in a game?

6)  Roger is batting 0.318, not bad for a former SS

7)  Since 1876 there have been 3,578,333 hits equaling 2,585,453 singles (72.3%), 601,320 doubles (16.8%), 127,448 triples (3.6%), and 264,112 home runs (7.4%).  So could you judge a batter based on his ratio?

8)  Dex still on a tear homers from both sides of the plate in the 1st and 9th inning

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