Saturday, September 17, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 150

1)  How bad was that loss?  Giants whose starting lineup batting averages were 0.240, 0.288, 0.297, 0.305, 0.248, 0.217, 0.194, 0.207, 0.127 scored 9 runs!

2)  Cook, who was getting some work, before his final start in a Rox uniform on Wednesday had his first relief appearance since September 2003, unless you count his marvelous 3 inning putting in the All Star game!

3)  Don't know what was up with the wind or perhaps it was where I was sitting but some of those homers, especially Ross's in the 5th looked sort of pathetic...homers should be titanic blast not lazy flies

4)  Beltran returns, thankfully he didn't repeat his 5/12/11 Mets appearance!

5)  Certain guys just seem to kill the Rox...Huff is one of them and so his Blake from LA...

6)  Question of the often do two out walks lead to runs?

7)  Smith has 15 quiet homers...where does he fit in especially next year?

8)  And finally Tommy Field has a great name and plays a decent SS

9)  And who wants to be in the 2012 lineup?  Rookies had 6 of the 9 hits last night

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