Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 142

1) Betancourt has only allowed 7 hits in the last 76 batters he has of the better O'Dowd 3 years he has gone 10-2 with 8 saves.  Has pitched 145 innings and has struck out 184 and allowed only 21 walks.

2)  Seth Smith has a two triple game?  Now has 9 for the year.  Team has 36 and ranks 3rd in the NL.

3)  Tulo hits his 30th homer.  What a monster year he has had, too bad the team isn't in contention otherwise he would be in the MVP talk.  With 20 games to go he could go on one of his streaks...remember last year's Babe Ruth September impression?

4)  The revolving door that has become the Rox bench added two new players to the mix as Jordan Pacheco and Wilin Rosario got their first starts last night.  In 2011, 51 different players have worn the purple pinstripes.  I thought this was a bit excessive but average over the first 18 years is 47 players with low of 36 in 1995 and a high of 56 in 2007.

5) Belisle gets his 10th win!  Probably not a good sign when your middle reliever has 2nd highest win total on your team...

6)  Nice outing from Dr Jekyll, errr I mean Hammel...He is now 27-30 as a Rox. A serviceable starter and that is just what he is...

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