Thursday, September 29, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 162

1) In a meaningless game Rox do finally win one in San Fran.  It was a nice way to finish and hopefully a building block to next year

2)  In other news Game 162s in other parts of the country played out like a well scripted adventure/mystery/tragedy novel.  Some quotes from last night

Joe Posnanski, "I’ve written this before: I never argue with people who say that baseball is boring, because baseball is boring. And then, suddenly, it isn’t. And that’s what makes it great."

And an epic closing, "The Braves failed to score. Papelbon blew the lead. Longoria homered in the 12th. Elation. Sadness. Mayhem. Champagne. Sleepless fury. Never been a night like it. Funny, if I was trying to explain baseball to someone who had never heard of it, I wouldn’t tell them about Wednesday night. No, it seems to me that Wednesday night isn’t what makes baseball great. It’s all the years you spend waiting for Wednesday night that makes baseball great."

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