Sunday, September 11, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 146

1) Strangest lineup for the season 1) EY Jr 2) Fowler 3) Pacheco 4) Smith 5) Kouzmanoff 6) Wiggington 7) Rosario 8) Fields 9) Pomeranz...hey a cast of reserves and AA beat the Reds

2)  Is the future bright?  Pomeranz looked good for 5 innings throwing only 63 pitches and allowing 5 hits...will definitely be a starter next are some other starters start

Aaron Cook started at home against Giants on August 26, 2002 and got a no decision giving 3 runs with no K's, 4 walks, and 9 hits

Jason Jennings started on the road at the Mets on August 23, 2001 and went 9 innings striking out 8, allowing 4 walks, and 5 hits, also hit a home run

Ubaldo Jimenez started on the road in Chicago on October 1, 2006 and got a no decision while pitching 6.2 innings, striking out 3, walking 3, allowing 3 hits, and 4 runs

Jeff Francis started in Atlanta on August 25, 2004 going 5 innings, striking out 8, walking 1, giving up 6 hits, and 6 runs and losing his first game

Jamey Wright started at home against the Giants on July 3, 1996 going 6 innings with no decision having struck out 4, walked 2, allowing 4 hits and 1 run.

3)  Hammel finished the game out and earns a save for the effort.  His third save all time with his last coming in September 28, 2008 when a Ray against the Tigers

4)  Run EY Jr Run!  Another three steals...what an intriguing player...problem is he has no position, but you can tell Tracy loves having EY at the top, followed by Fowler.

5)  Who the heck is Thomas Fields?  Yup another AA player called up to play SS for the ailing Tulo...this September is really try outs for 2012!

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