Monday, September 19, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 152

1)  Rox are currently 4-11 against the Giants this year with one more series to close out the year.  In these 15 games the Rox have given up 74 runs or about 5 runs per game.  Up to yesterday the Giants have only scored 541 runs total...take out the Rox games and this team averages 3 runs per game!  Three of their top runs scored games have come at Coors where they have scored 61 runs in 10 games!

2)  Rox have been swept in a 4 game series 16 times in their history (only 3 times at home).  This marked the 4th tim and second time by the Giants (Arizona and Atlanta have done it as well).

3)  On the bright side this is the last Sunday game at home this year.  Rox went 3-9 on Sundays

4)  Giants had six homers and the Panda had two in one inning!

5)  With the loss Rox will have first losing season since 2008, another season filled with high hopes.

6)  The only thing I can hope for at this point is that Giants continue making a run for the D-Backs and maybe Rox can spoil their plans in San Fran

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