Saturday, September 10, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 144

1)  If you break the season into 18 game blocks then you have 9 blocks (or innings) and well Rox just finished the 8th inning and have 1 inning to go (18 games left) before the end of the season.  10 games below 0.500 Rox have basically averaged 8-10 or 9-9 the majority of these blocks.  Sad part is they started 13-5!

2)  Two errors and one inning generally don't work well together.  These errors led to 4 runs and that was the game...

3)  First win by the Reds in Colorado since August 2008.

4)  I'm sorry but it is cruel to name a kid "Homer" and then make him a pitcher...or fate is awfully cruel!

5)  The evolution of Chacin...good when in control but can't seem to overcome those middle inning struggles...he will learn...just like U-Ball.

6)  Two ejections...guess Tracy and CarGo had dinner reservations at some new restaurant ;)  Number four this year for Tracy.  CarGo joins Tulo and Iannetta as the other ejectees

7)  Rosario learns what the big leagues are about when Chapman gets him out on a 88 mph slider...whoosh

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