Thursday, September 8, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 143

1) Rox finished their 2011 campaign against the D-Backs going 5-13.  If D-Backs go on to the playoffs then Rox deserve a share of the credit.  Seemingly the Rox have always had troubles with Arizona.  In 14 years of playing them they have only had 4 winning seasons against them (1999, 2004, 2007, 2009).  At least we didn't go 3-15 against them like we did in 2008.  Below is my attempt to gauge Rox record against our division foes.  The axis is based on win percentage.
Season Records Against NL West Foes
2) Three solo homers was the sum total of the Rox run producton.  Newcomer Rosario notched his first homer and pitcher Millwood got into the action and knocked one out.  His first homer since 2002.  CarGo got his 25th which is a nice complement to Tulo's 30th.  Look at the NL leader board for homers and guess who else has 30 homers?  That would be our failed acquisition in Lance Berkman.  How nice that would have been!

3)  Reason 1 we don't have 40 man rosters...Tracy used seven relief pitchers to get 10 outs last night..nothing like a meaningless 3 and half hour game in September with a starting game time temperature of 57 degrees.

4)  And finally Tulo committed his 5th error last night, his first since the late June series in New York against the Yankees.  Rox fans should take note that Tulo is one of the greatest players ever to wear the Purple Pinstripes and possibly one of the greatest players of his generation especially for a SS.

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