Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 160

- A series of might have beens...in some parallel universe Rox and Giants are fighting it out for the NL West title this week...

- Chacin has a nice finish to a very inconsistent year.  Finishes the year at 11-14 with ERA of 3.62 and 194 innings pitched.

- Sure will be nice if Rox can resign Ellis have not have a black hole at second base to begin the 2012 campaign...now if we can find a third baseman

- Giant's pitcher Vogelsong owes some of his success to the Rox has he finished the year 4-0 against us...

- While it is a quiet end of September baseball in Colorado, I'm glad I'm not a Boston or Atlanta fan...of course on the flip side at least these two teams are in a position to fail...question then is it better to be in the playoff hunt or to get chased down in the final week?

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