Thursday, September 15, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 148

1) So I was whining about two out hits yesterday and wondered if the data actually played just plain 2 outs situations Rox had 1853 plate appearances and had 398 hits (21%).  Compare this to zero outs (1941 PA, 454 hits) and one outs (1890 PA, 445 hits) and it would suggest two outs isn't that special.  Then if you look at the data with two outs and RISP then you have 739 PA with 148 hits (20%) which is essentially what you have with two outs and no ducks on the pond...

2) Rox finished the season series with Milwaukee at 3-6.

3) Glad I'm not a Brewer fan...with Fielder leaving and K-Rod angry...who knew they were in the playoff hunt?

4)  Wonder if the Red Sox wished they had held onto Millwood?  The man has been a beast since returning, four quality starts...sure he ain't the Millwood of hold but he gives you 6-7 innings and a chance to win...that is all you can ask for in today's game

5)  CarGo homers again and Rosario goes deep for his 2nd all time homer

6) Eliezer Alfonzo, who?  He plays for the Rox? Yeah well not anymore after testing positive for something banned...

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