Thursday, September 22, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 155

1)  Worse home stand in the history of the Rox...that says a think Rox had never been fully swept in their history and then to go down like this.  I've said it before but this team needs some home swagger...teams no longer fear Coors and sometimes I wonder if Rox fear their home more than others...

2)  In addition to the pathetic finish the Rox finished the year at home 38-43.  Heck they managed 39 wins during their first season in baseball!  Over 19 years they have won on average 44 games at home...

3)  The 439 runs scored is the second lowest total (2008 Rox scored 411).

4)  Quote I am tired of seeing, "Our center fielder is really starting to figure out who the heck he is..."  Yeah bring this back up next April...and of course you could take out center fielder and put in catcher and/or third base

5)  From Jim Armstrong this morning...Rox were 1-36 after 8 innings at Coors...where is that LoDo magic?

6)  Not quite the send off we had hoped for by Aaron Cook...Cookie deserves a spot on the Mt Rushmore of Rox pitching.  Anyone who can walk away from this game and say they lasted 10 seasons at Coors Field says something.

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