Saturday, September 24, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 157

1)  Read someone's tweet last night wondering if the team was pressing or perhaps our prized prospects aren't ready for the big lights...frightening thing is that if they aren't ready, six month off season isn't going to get them there...we could be in real trouble next year

2)  Why is Iannetta ripped?  The guy has had a decent year.  Really as a catcher you need to call a good game, hold opponents run game in check, and be serviceable at the plate.  No one expects him to be the second coming of Piazza...

3)  Not good when your opponent gets a hit in their first 6 at bats (first time ever in 49 year history of the Astros)

4)  In other news D-Backs win the division behind batting coach Don Baylor.  Good on him, it's too bad what Rox did to him last year running him out of town.  I get the strong suspicion based on Lansford crappy performance that perhaps its not the coaches but the players...

5)  9 losses with 5 games to go...maybe they can strive not only to lose 14 but then tank it so they can finish in the cellar...on the brightside the D-Backs were in the cellar last year and won the division!

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