Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 154

1)  From the yeah we know quote department, "It's an embarrassment.  This season has been an utter disappointment." - Dan O'Dowd, which leads me to wonder why this man still has a job?  Under his tenure Rox are 852-931 with an average place in the division at almost 4th.

2)  How important is it for Rox to figure out their own division?  27-40 in the division, 43-43 against everyone else...

3)  Not for sure if this was anything of note but 10 of the 19 strikeouts in the game last night were looking...Betancourt struck out the side in the 9th with three called strikeouts

4) Starting line up salaries for the Rox last night 1) EY Jr - minor league  2) Ellis - Some part of $6M 3) Fowler - $424,000 4) Smith - $429,000 5) Pacheco - minor league 6) Kouzmanoff - Some part of $4.75M 7) Rosario - minor league 8) Field - minor league 9) Chacin - $419,000  WOW cheap date last night

5)  Latos goes 123 pitches and an almost complete game...unheard of!

6)  Tommy Field made two great plays at short getting the third out each time...then promptly came to the plate...doesn't it seem like that happens a lot...Skip Carey, the former Braves announcer, use to always comment on that...

7)  Rox bottom of the 8th summed up the year...Man on 1st and 3rd, down by two runs, only one out and pinch hitter strikes out and EY ground outs to runs :(

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