Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 161

1) OK I realize Alex White is a work in progress at 22 but what was the value of getting him into the majors this year so that he started 7 games (pitch 36.1 innings) and get shelled to the tune of 48 hits and 12 home runs?  This could needs another good year in AA and to think realistically they think he is going to be in the rotation next slogan Tulo and the Toddlers Part II

2)  Rox are 4-13 against the Giants this year.  They have scored 53 runs against them...and only 10 runs in San Fran...that is just plain frightening

3)  Nightmare for this game...Top of the 2nd runner's on 1st and 3rd, no one out and the next three batters strikeout...what more can you say to symbolize the season for offensive woes...and after that only one more hit the rest of the night

4)  Thankfully the season is almost done and we are not Red Sox and Braves fans!

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