Friday, May 6, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 29

1)  You know wearing purple is our secret weapon (we are 10-4 when in purple) except I think we need to not wear purple when we play the D-Backs as we are 1-2 against them in purple (this is serious analysis my friend!)

2)  Rox are a pathetic 0-3 in extra innings this year...last night was just is it that in the 11th you have two men on base, no outs, with Helton, Smith, Stewart up and you can't get a run home.  I have harped on this all year but when is this team going to make timely hits.  Baylor got fired as the hitting coach for this same reason and all we heard in Spring Training was how Lansford was going to get this team to conditioned to get that hit...yeah well Mr Lansford whatever you're teaching stinks!  This team is batting 0.237, can we fire a hitting coach midseason?  Please...

3)  No knock on Street but that was brewing for a long time...that boy was writing checks his arm couldn't cash (to make a mockery of a personal favorite movie line...)

4)  So my question is does Hammel talk to Street at all for like the next week?

5)  After a 10-2 start the Rox have gone 8-9 and it shows.  Lack of hitting will eventually catch up with you.

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