Monday, May 30, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 52

Inning 1) Giving up 3 runs to start the game when your offense is struggling is not a good way to try and win a game...

Inning 2) What Inning 1 should have been.

Inning 3) Rox get on the board with a double, bunt sacrifice, and sacrifice fly. Wow like two bunts in the past 3 games...that worked! I really try not to criticize because bunting when a pitch is being thrown up a there at 90 mph can't be easy but also realize pitchers are asked to do so little at the plate the least they can do is to learn to bunt!

Inning 4) Yup story of the season...Rox get a run back and then immediately give it back in the top half of the next comment on the bottom half when CarGo, Tulo, and Helton all groundout. Impressive the money we spend on groundouts these days...

Inning 5) Bottom half of the inning with runners on 2nd and 3rd with two outs and EY Jr fails to get something going...bummer I had such high hopes for Jr in these type of situations where the rest of team can't seem to do right

Inning 6) Bottom half we have the Fowler, CarGo, Tulo show and once again three up, three down. Starting to get comical that so much money is being spent for so little production...glad I don't write the checks!

Inning 7) Notice at this point the Cardinals are just packing it in looking forward to getting out of town not really mounting any sort of security. Rox go ahead and load the bases with no outs down by three and we have the Great Giambino up...things are looking good...except for a strikeout and line out double play. What did the Rox do to the Baseball Gods? We should have had at least 2 runs and that would have tied the game!
Inning 8) Offense impotence again...

Inning 9) Confirmation that the baseball gods are ignoring Rox this summer. Two outs, man on third, CarGo at the plate, down by this point do we just steal home? Anything? But no, just a groundout to end the of these days we are going to get that base hit! Let's hope it ain't too late!

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