Friday, May 27, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 49

Inning 1) Yeah so much for the new look lineup with Smith at the top. Takes two strikes and then goes down swinging on third pitch...Ricky Henderson would be sad...of course Herrera does get on and what do our big bats do? Two groundouts yup when things aren't going your way...

Inning 2) Defensive error but Mortensen pitches out of a huge jam by getting two key strikeouts

Inning 3) Zzzzzzz!

Inning 4) Two walks lead to three runs, Rox ability to find themselves behind is just killing them. If Rox could get the lead, I think you'd see a lot more of what we saw in game one of this series...relaxed confident at bats

Inning 5) Another D-Backs stolen base...any advance scouts watching this series will quickly spread the word that Rox can be run on...great! Is Smith a leadoff guy? Third at bat and again gets 3 pitches...leadoff hitter = baserunner
Importance of a Good Leadoff Man?
Inning 6)  Revenge from Mr. Mora...which by the way I think the clubhouse misses.  He was a positive influence!  Yup down by three runs, the heart of the order coming up, and what do we get?  Two groundouts and a strikeout...come on your better than this!

Inning 7)  Daley looking a whole lot better than the mess that was Paulino and Morales...Rox finally come alive...bases loaded sac fly and two RBI single by Spilly!  Unfortunately rally ended before tying the game.

Innig 8)  Again heart of the order, Rox down by one, two groundouts and a strikeout...a lot of money being spent on groundouts and strikeouts!

Inning 9)  And then any possible chance to maybe win the game goes away after Street issues a two run homer...Rox offense deflates even further and the Lopez experiment ends with him striking out to end the game...kind of fitting for his cup of coffee as a Rox.

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