Saturday, May 14, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 36

1)  Rox finally release the hounds @ home!  Bang out 16 hits!  How rare is 16 hits?  Through 2010 it has happened 62 times (out 2,854 games, 2.2%).

2)  Tulo hits a majestic shot to deep left field.  Pretty

3)  Of course not to be a buzz kill but Rox kept Padres in the game.  de la Rosa did not shut the door on them and kept their hopes alive...if final score wasn't 12-7 then we could have been talking about how Rox didn't have that killer mentality!

4)  Padres balk in a run...I smell research...look into that!

5)  First real nice night at the ballpark.  Nice crowd, warm temperatures...and of course more snow is expected this weekend :(

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