Saturday, May 14, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 37

1) 7-1 lead evaporates in the last three innings on a rainy chilly Colorado afternoon.

2)  Always nice to see a former Rox come in and have revenge...NOT!

3)  Leading after six innings Rox usually would have an 80% chance of winning...and scoring 7 runs, the Rox have a 147-64 record...go figure

4)  Yikes Rox home record is 9-9...where did the home field advantage go?  2-3 on the current homestand...while it is only May, Rox need to retake the advantage especially if they are going to get to 50 home wins

5) Helton hits his 5th homer...not bad as he only had 8 last year.

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