Sunday, May 15, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 38

1)  What is wrong with the picture...the Rox are 9-10 at home.  Not a good sign...the ability for the Rox to contend or any team for that matter is success at home.  Rox don't win 50 games at home they aren't making the playoffs...

2)  Hard to believe this team is being kept afloat offensively by Helton.  P90X for everyone!

3)  I imagine CarGo and Tulo are going through some growing pains at this point.  Teams know that success against the Rox are shutting these two guys down.  Pitchers know that Helton isn't going to beat them and so they spend a whole lot time ensuring our big two just get a pitch or two to hit.  The two of them need to take what they are getting and just get on base and trust those behind them to get them home.

4)  Why is Paulino still wearing a Rox uniform?  Thanks for playing...just take your $790,000 and go.  Rox need to cut there losses.  He hasn't shown the ability to pitch as a reliever...too many walks.  Remember this is a guy who went 4-20 over the last two years in Houston...

5)  And what about walks (Troy Renck mentioned this in his weekly column)?  Yup more walks in a game lead to less wins
4 - 5 Walks a Game is the Difference Between a Win and Lose

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