Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 46

1) First game in a double header...whoohoo and it's raining...believe this is 38th double header in Rox history and to think back in the day double headers were the norm not a rarity.

2) Through first three innings the Rox compared to what the D-Backs were doing indicates the direction both teams seemed to be heading. Fowler walked and stayed at first while CarGo and Tulo both flied out and then Rox do a good job getting Iannetta to third with two outs and Fowler strikes out. I don't expect runners to score in the situations above but with what the Rox say they are trying to do then in these instances we need to score at least once. Meanwhile Arizona got men on and double stealed them to second and third. Then a ground out and single lead to three runs.

3) Uh Oh, not good when your number one starter, de la Rosa, has to leave before the third inning is done and then have your Game 3 starter come in for relief...and to later discover he will need season ending Tommie John surgery...season just got tougher...who is going to step up?

4) Forget the first three innings, the fourth Rox big bats came out of the closet and a mighty thumping occurs!

5) Two homers for CarGo and this one almost goes to my seats...too bad I was at work!

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