Monday, May 9, 2011

Rox Talk - Week 6

The Week That Was
A 1-5 week against the D-Backs and Giants. The Rox currently stand at 18-14. One game lead in the division. Currently 7-6 at home and 11-8 on the road, the Rox have outscored its opponents 139-125 (expected wins is 18 versus historical wins at 15). On pace for 91 wins with 704 runs scored and 633 runs against. Playoff indicator (Runs scored/Runs Against ratio) is 1.11 (1.16 indicates high playoff potential).

Wow what a difference a week makes.  Last week we were making excuses like yeah the Rox offense is not hitting on all cyclinders but hey we have a four and half game lead in the division.  Yeah well the other shoe dropped this week when not only did our offense fail to do anything (scored 16 runs!) but then the bullpen finally showed its weakness (anyone want Morales or Paulino, cheap....).  Last year Belisle was the savior in that long relief role when behind in tight games.  This year he has shown to be a mere mortal. 

As far as the offense goes just look at the graph below.  Before that first series with the Giants we were on pace to score 900+ runs (granted small sample size) but since then we are now on pace to score 704 runs.  So in a 15 game span our offense has sputtered significantly.  Realistically there is no scapegoat although we'd like to just pin it on Stewart but I think Stewart does serve as the example to why our offense is going nowhere and that is the failure to make adjustments.  The book is out there and if you continue to go up to the plate expecting them to just give you your pitch then you are sunk before you get to the box.  The pendulum has swung back to the pitcher being the dominant side of the equation (two no hitters this year and heck 4 almost no no just to the Rox alone!).

Small Sample Size but 15 Games Ago Rox on Pace for 900 Runs

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