Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 40

1)  Look ma all I did was go out and pitch the best game of the season by going 7 innings and striking out 7 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt (or no decision...).  Is U-Ball back?  Ask me after the next game...we need some consistency.  Can it be something as simple as arm slot?  Hard to believe but I don't think you have him throw 116 pitches if you thought he was really hurt...

2)  Everything in the 8th started with Spilly...Mr Maddening

3)  CarGo's new nickname is Giant Slayer...wonder if he names his bat, like in the movie, Major League?

4)  Nice thing about yesterday's win...efficiency...5 runs, 7 hits, and no walks...Rox took what the Giants gave them.  Great hit by frustrating as he has been at the plate (strikout king) he has gotten those extra bases when if he could just lay a bunt and steal a base once in a while

5)  Is this the series that defines the season?  Probably not but it should be used as a stepping stone to winning series again like they started the season.  This series was a microcosm of what the Rox were doing before the fall and that was taking what they were given, turning errors into runs, solid starting pitching, and shut down relief.

6)  At 40 games the Rox are a quarter of the way do their numbers project versus last year and the "experts" opinion?

The offense for the most part is tracking well.  Big zeros for Stewart, Wiggington, and Lopez.  One of these three has got to start hitting...please?
I had Cook and Daley both starting the year with Rox so obviously no data there but my guess is that Mortensen and Rogers would probably be comparable to what Cook would have.  Morales probably has similar expectations as Palino although his numbers are skewed because most projections have him being a Starter. While most of the starters are on pace with their 2010 numbers they are above projections so wouldn't that be nice to see our starters get even better!

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