Saturday, May 28, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 50

Inning1)  Can Ubaldo learn something from this experience?  Two hits and down by one...

Inning 2)  Cards steal a base and the 10th this week...Rox strike back and give U-Ball a lead

Inning 3)  So much for settling in with a lead as Jimenez gives it back with a double to lead off the top of the inning but resilient Rox strike back with EY Jr singling, getting to second on a bunt (!), and home on a single by CarGo (formula of success?)

Inning 4)  Pitchers settling in, three up three down

Inning 5)  Four groundouts and two K's

Inning 6)  Ubaldo gives up a single and triple and the unraveling begins.

Inning 7)  Daley can't stop the Cards either and gives up another three effectively over at the this point with Rox down by 6 runs.  To prove the point in the bottom half of the inning Rox strike out twice.

Inning 8)  Rox new call up, Bruce Billings, gets his first stint in the Bigs, two singles and a pitcher's best friend the double play.

Inning 9)  Cards get another run as Billings first outing is shaky to say the least...5 singles, double, wild pitch, and two double plays...whew a Coors Field welcoming.  Rox go quietly into the night...

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