Sunday, May 8, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 32

1)  Well so much for the new improved road team.  Now the Rox can't win at home or the road.  Miserable first road trip through the NL West.  Gee at the end of May we have a three team swing through LA, SF, and San Diego followed by another one in late July when we do the Arizona, LA, and San Diego and then of course the late August romp through LA, Arizona, then San Diego and oh yeah that final three game set of the year in San Francisco.  How much you want to bet the Rox are up by three games entering that final series or the Giants are up by two?  

2)  Three hits?  Wow it must be the Sunday lineup...

3)  How impatient will management and Tracy be after this road trip?  This team is built to win now and while they are 18-14 they have shown absolutely nothing in the last 3 weeks.  Stewart confidence erased, Fowler is a strikeout machine, CarGo and Tulo can't seem to find their connection, and Smith is just going through the motions.  Do you bring up a spark plug, someone who will try and prove they belong in the Bigs?

4)  Rox can't rely on their Starters forever.  At some point they are going to have to hit (unlike the Giants which is their M.O.)

5)  1- 6 in May...with a better Met team coming into town followed by the Padres and then guess who...the Giants for a short two games.  Rox need to make a statement!

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