Sunday, May 29, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 51

Inning 1)  Newcomer Nicasio (4 syllables by the way...girrr) makes is Big League debut.  Some early jitters as he gives up a walk and two singles but is saved by the double play.  Rox help the rookie out by scoring 6 runs in the bottom half.  All started with a single and stolen base by EY Jr followed by walk by Dex and a single by CarGo.  6 total singles in the inning!

Just a note but in wins Rox have scored 165 runs (pitchers have given up 42 runs) and in losses only 73 runs (pitchers given up 86 runs)!

2010 in Wins (Offense 524 runs, Pitchers 97 runs) and in Losses (Offense 246 runs, Pitchers 276 runs)
2009 in Wins (Offense 603 runs, Pitchers 128 runs) and in Losses (Offense 201 runs, Pitchers 270 runs)
2008 in Wins (Offense 461 runs, Pitchers 110 runs) and in Losses (Offense 286 runs, Pitchers 371 runs)
2007 in Wins (Offense 644 runs, Pitchers 101 runs) and in Losses (Offense 216 runs, Pitchers 296 runs)

Hmm doesn't seem that rare that when team wins it scores a whole lot more runs then in losses...something is interesting in this...

Inning 2)  Nicasio settles in and Rox add to their total.

Inning 3)  Nicasio gets a double play and Rox finally go quietly in the bottom half.

Inning 4)  Three up, three down for Nicasio and Rox offense keeps the pedal to the metal by scoring 5 more runs with a triple by Spilly and homer by Iannetta

Inning 5)  No shut out by the rookie, Rox go quietly.

Inning 6)  Quiet inning no runs scored!

Inning 7)  Another triple by the Rox and Rox score lucky 13

Inning 8)  Relief for Rox get little sloppy but with a 12 run lead what do you expect...Iannetta gets the runs back with another homer...second of the night and 6 runs batted night for Rox catcher

Inning 9)  Street gets mop up duty and doesn't give up a run!

Extra:  Seventeenth time Rox have scored 15 runs and are now 17-0 (0.6% of the time)!

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