Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 48

Inning 1)  Nice one Smith...getting thrown out by the left fielder when you make a too large of turn at second, good way to squash an inning.

Inning 2)  Hammel has two looking Ks and Kennedy has one in the inning.

Inning 3)  Nada

Inning 4)  Nice throw em out strike out double play and Helton gets Smith home on a SAC fly to put Rox ahead 1-0

Inning 5)  Nice catch by CarGo, not a nice 6-3 groundout to end the inning with the bases loaded, in hindsight that was the game...

Inning 6)  Go figure, night Tulo takes off Amezaga throws wild to first and the error eventually leads to D-Backs first run.  Although I wonder how he wasn't out at first because he came off first in fair territory?  Anyway up to that point Hammel was under control but D-Backs scored again on a Coors Field bloop single...

Inning 7)  Helton gets all three outs in the inning unassisted and his counterpart has a part in three of the outs in the bottom half!

Inning 8)  One pitch out for Belisle and Wiggy sends one to the deepest part of the outfield for a jumping leap!

Inning 9)  D-Backs get their 4th stolen base of the night (!) and Giambi hits for all the marbles and flies out to Center...he has 9 hits this year, 6 of them for homers...

Rox Lose fall to .500, depressing

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